Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best deals

I'm curious!  What is the best deal you've gotten on horse related items?  Are you afraid to ask for a lower price?  Where do you get you best deals?

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  1. I bot a lot of stuff on eBay when I was starting out. Some of it good, some not so great. the used tack sale held twice a year at Canby is awesome! I've asked for lower prices - all they can do is say no! I just said would you consider taking "x" for your item? If they say no, ask what the best price they can offer is. If it is still too much, I've said thanks, I love it, but still out of my budget. Sometimes they will go lower.

    There is a store in Coos Bay OR called Horsin Around that carries all kinds of consignment items new & old, as well as being a regular western store. Margaret is the owner - she has a FB page. If you are looking for something in particular, contact her & she may have it at a great price!