Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proud owner of a horse trailer

So I did!  I bought my first horse trailer.  It's a 1986 Circle J two horse slant.  It's in pretty good shape.  A little rust here and there, but nothing a trip to the painters can't fix. 

So now to plan my first trip out.  What are some tips and tricks on owning  horse trailer?  What's in your trailer?  How to avoid problems I may not know exist.

Any advice would be awesome!  I'm quickly on my way to becoming a pretty awesome show mom with great advice from all of you!!


  1. Congatulations!!! I would check the floors thoroughly before putting your horse in the trailer. Make sure the lights work. Check entire inside to be certain there are no sharp pieces of metal sticking out anyplace that may cut your horse. How are floor mats? Other than that, I'll let others chime in. I've only had 1 trailer & bought it new, so there certain to be things I'm missing.

  2. Thanks!! The floors were great! I pulled the mats up ad checked then out when we looked at it. As soon as we got home we pulled everything out and cleaned it all up. My daughter gave it a bath. Theres so rust from being outside. We're going to have it repainted. It's in great shape for the price we paid.

  3. How about tires & brakes? I should have thought of those right off!

  4. check out, they have an emagazine called Hitch UP that offers trailer safety tips and acvice. I am in no way connected to USRider other than I do have a membership with them. They are like AAA but for people hauling horses (most other roadside assistance programs won't touch your trailer if you have horses in it). Anyway, I have found that the magazine has some good stuff in it.

    We also have a small tool kit that stays in the trailer, a first aid kit for horses and humans that stays in the trailer.