Sunday, March 31, 2013

A few random pictures from the show

Before her showmanship class!  How cute is she!

During her showmanship class.  She looked awesome!
Looking like a pro even if it didn't turn out so good.  Still a super proud mommy she rode awesome!
First time ridng english.  She had only been in an english saddle about 5 times so I was proud that she even attempted to go for it.  She's a very brave little girl.  If I was 10 years old on that big horse I would have freaked out, but not her she just went in and did her best.

Should 4-H leaders also be parents?

I know this is going to be one of those question that may bring about some heated discussion.  Please remember as you respond that its ok to have a different idea on situations.  I blog to learn not to put anyone down. 

I have been involved in different programs where I was the parent and the leader.  I of course got involved because I wanted to be actively engaged in my children's interest.  When leading though I had to be a leader to all my just my own child.  Luckily I was not in a position where I was separated from my child.  I see in 4h shows and activities that the leader has to be mom/dad and a leader all at the same time.  How do you balance the two?  If you are getting your child ready how do you help the other children.  I think its a pretty tough job to be 10 different places at once.  You can't serve every ones needs.  As a parent our first responsibilities are to our own children.

So whats your thoughts how do you do it?  Also would it be easier if you didn't have a person investment such as a child?

Friday, March 29, 2013

The night before the show

Even with a few shows under our belt we are still running around crazy getting ready the day before.  Washed Indie yesterday and tonight he already had stains on his legs.  Rewashed the little bugger and hoping he still is clean in the morning.  Got everything packed and in the truck.  Trailer is hooked up and the only thing we need to do is load Indie in the morning.  Well that's what I think right now, but I bet you as soon as we get going in the morning we'll have a huge list of things we still need to get together.

I'm going to try to blog as my day goes on tomorrow to give everyone a look at how a show day goes.  Check back tomorrow often and live a day in the life of a show mom with me!


I'm new to banding. How do you get them even and to lay flat? I guess its time to consult YouTube .

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting show ready

Tomorrow is the day before the show which means a full day of getting the very white horse cleaned and show ready.

So the thought for the day is cold water vs warm water.  Its so pretty outside.  Highs near 65 degrees.  Would you wash your horse outside in hose water with 65 degree water?? 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I was at the barn last night talking with another show mom and she was talking about her journey to buying their last horse.  It was a long one.  I remember how many horses I went with them to look at.  Out of over 400 facebook formun horses, craigslist ads, dream horse ads and horse recommendations they finally found a good one.  There were several reasons why they couldn't find a good fit, but the biggest was honesty. 

You would be surprised how dishonest people can be in the horse industry.  It really saddens me.  I always thought the cowboy way was paved with honest people and a hand shake was word, but I have found this not be true.

My mom bought my daughter her first horse that was going to be just hers.  The people said it was bomb proof and would be perfect for my, at the time, 6 year old daughter.  It was anything but bomb proof.  The minutes we got it home it went nuts.  She kicked, bucked, bit.  You name it she did it.  We couldn't give it away.  I have asked myself so many times why someone would lie when it involved a child.

It has really made me look at ads differently.  I have found a few great tips by trial and error to help when finding out if it is what they say it is.  Here's just a few:

Facebook is an amazing thing.  I found out more about the people selling a horse and the horse by looking up the profile of the seller.  When we got out Indie I looked up the owner and everything she said he had done was all there.  She had pictures of him in almost every scenario.  Rodeos, parades, trail riding, shows...ect!  She was honest about what he had done.  Another horse we were looking into not so honest.  The owner stated she had, had the horse all his life.  On her facebook paper she had pictures of him and wrote in a caption that she had, had him 6 months.  She also jacked up the price in a formun higher than on her page.  Facebook can also tell you so much about the environment the horse comes from.

Word of mouth can be almost your best resource.  It will give you a clear picture of the character of the owner as well as the horse.  We had considered buying a horse a few months back and before hand made a phone call the the trainer they drop the name of.  They stated he had put extensive training on the horse.  The trainer didn't even know who they were.

The Internet is full of information.  If they state its a world champion you can guarantee it will be recorded somewhere.  Check out the breed websites and see if they are as accomplished as they are.

Don't just one once, go twice, three times is you need to.  unfortunately we have looked at a few horses which were drugged to be sold.  We figured it out after we looked the second time.

Most important of all is be honest yourself.  Reputation is everything in the horse industry.  If you know someone is looking at a horse and you know it is not what they are saying it is.  Stand up and say something.  I see so many adds, especially on facebook.  If you've went to look at a horse and its not what they have made it out to be.  Give and honest review of the animal.  Person training styles aren't necessary, but an honest assessment.  If the horse bucked you off say it.  It will save someone in the future from wasting a day looking at it or bringing it home and getting seriously injured.

These are a few tips I've learned along the way.  What are things you look out for when horse shopping??