Monday, June 24, 2013

Horse behaviors and what they mean

There have been so many times I have wished God gave me the ability to talk horse.  What I wouldn't give to just know what Indie is thinking.  Could you imagine what a team we could make with our horses if we understood them. 

I have been riding for over 25+ years and I can honestly say I learn something new every day when it comes to horses.  For example just recently I learned that when Indie pins his ears he isn't necessarily mad, he might just be listening to me.  Wish I would have known that years ago when I thought my horses was just being naughty.

After learning about the pinned ears I started doing some more research on Indie's behaviors.  I found an awesome website that gives you the inside scoop on horse behaviors  The article written by Carey A. Williams, Ph.D. covers everything from the 10 natural horse trait to body signals your horse can display and what they typically mean.  Even if your a professional in the horse world I believe there is something for everyone to learn from this article.