Friday, March 29, 2013


I'm new to banding. How do you get them even and to lay flat? I guess its time to consult YouTube .

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  1. One of my facebook reader made tis suggestion:

    "Its easy if you have a few tools and time. A small spray bottle of water, bands of course, a comb and a little hair clippie. And a ladder or step stool so you are level with the mane. I start with a wet combed through mane, with NO show sheen, wahna win, etc in it. I keep it wet as I work down. Start with a small section of hair about the width of your pinkie finger, block back the rest of the mane with the clippie. Take your band to the root of the mane and pull down on the hair while you pull up on the band as you wrap it. Usually 5 to 7 wraps to keep it tight and laying down. Then when you get them in, go to the under neath of the band in the center of the hair and pull a bit of hair left and right to make it lay down. I usually band while they are eating their grain Their head tends to stay in the feeder and they are not bored tied in the stall or cross tied. Hay does not work as well, as they snatch the hay to get a mouthful and are back and forth."