Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flies, flies go away!!

I love facebook.  I get some of the most awesome ideas from others.  Today I was looking through some posts and came across one I thought everyone would love.  A lady gave a great remedy for flies!  Flies!  I hate flies.  Every time we walk into the barn they are hanging out by the door.  My poor 4 year old son makes me cover his face and run him through them.  When I read this solution I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

Here’s the picture and the description is below.



Take a barrel and drill hole around the top like seen in picture.  This reader drilled 50 ¾ inch hole in the barrel.  Fill the bottom of the barrel with water.  Drill a hole in the top middle of barrel and hang a piece of meat from wire.  The flies will attract to the meat.  Once they are full they cannot fly out and will drowned on the water. 


If you try this please let me know if it works.  I’m curious.  The reader stated within a day the flies were all gone.  She also checks the meat daily to make sure it hasn’t fallen into the water.



  1. One of my facebook friends wrote:

    "We've used 2 Liter bottles cut the top off about a 3rd of the way down the bottle then turn it upside down in the bottle and tape it! Put apple juice in the bottom and wait! Within a few hours it was full and you just throw away! Flies can not fly straight up. So once they get in the bottle they can't get out."

  2. I read that brown sugar and water does it for mosquitos too. thin I will be tring