Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starting my journey as a horse show mom

I'm so excited to start this blogging adventure.  This is my first year as a horse show mom and wow is there a ton to learn.  My daughter Maddie came to me over the summer and said she really wanted to start riding.  My parent still had an old mare at there house and through some tough negotiating I was able to bring her home with me.  We live in town so she is boarded down the road from our house.  The second day we were at the barn just happened to be a 4-h ride meeting.  Maddie begged to join.  I was totally on board.  At the first meeting I learned real quick you need more than a back yard horse.  This started the search.  We looked and looked and looked.  Facebook forums, craigslist and word of mouth. If it was out there and under $3,500.00 I've looked at it.  We found a horse both Maddie and I fell in love with.  We took the trainer from our barn and to look at her.  She was 6 going on 2.  Laura the trainer said she wouldn't recommend it, but we really wanted to try.  So we brought her to the barn.  Within a few weeks we went from no horse to two horses.  And this was just within the first month. Ugh!  We discovered she was indeed not a good fit and had to send her back.  This was no easy process.  The owners were very kind to let us try her, but they were not in a position to take her back right away.  Remember we now have two horses that won't work.  The search began again.  This time we went on a lease mission.  We found the perfect horse.  Indie was everything we were looking for and more.  So we became owners of three horses.  We were about a month and a half into horse ownership and we have not one, not two, but three horses.  There was some tense moments in my house.  We were super lucky and only had three horses for about a week.  Now we are down to two horses. 
I'm now discovering that show horses need a lot of stuff and show kids need even more.  I spend about 90% of my time online looking for deals on horse stuff.  Tack, horse trailers, clothing, you name it.  This horse show mommy is on a budget so I look for the best deals I can get.
As I've been browsing through everything horse related on the Internet I decided I bet there is a lot of moms out there just like me.  Moms just getting started in the show world and have no idea what they're getting themselves into.  Moms on a budget.  Moms looking for tips to help their children be more successful in the arena.  Moms looking to support moms on our crazy show journey.
Join me as I blog my way through the next nine plus year of being a horse show mom.


  1. Thanks Tanya! I'm hoping to add areas for people to swap tack and other horse related items.

  2. Summer,
    Welcome to the world the 4h and horses and youth! The tool box is one of the best things we do. I have a list I can share with you I give all my 4h moms of our club. I have for over 20 years judged 4h horse shows and wanted to share one thing with you!

    As a judge I feel so sad and my heart aches for the youth that come in with all the bling and silver and all that yet they can't ride, and they are not a team with their horses. As I judge I judge horsemanship NOT the pretty! So, what is most important is you make sure you put most your time and money into making that partnership with your daughter and her horse.

    Another thing I share with so many that just like having to move past a horse that is NOT the right horse, make sure you don't stay with a bad trainer, farrier or vet. Make sure that you are willing to always walk away for the best for your child and her love of horses!

    I wish you the best of luck and maybe some day I will see you on the side line of a horse show! What state and county do you live in?

    Also, if you live near a goodwill or second hand stores go search the racks, they often have horse show clothes and such and they often don't know what it is worth or even what it is! You can get western jeans and shirts, vest and jackets there.

    Best of luck. I am here if you ever have a question. I also have a blog page!

    1. Vixen what great advice! I love what you wrote. I am so blessed to have a wonderful trainer working with my daughter. She was a former 4h leader and knows what they are looking for.
      We're on horse three right now and its a perfect fit. We went the lease route. Indie is a very good boy and is teaching Maddie everytime she gets on him. What I love about this horse is she can just go ride him and spend time figuring him out. They are becoming great friends.
      I'm grateful to know a judge doesn't look at the cihld with the greatest clothing and put them at the top of the class the minute they come in.
      I'll come check out your blog page. I'm sure I'll lean on all my new horse friends to learn how this crazy horse world works. My biggest goal is to make it fun for my daughter and stress free for me. A stressed out mommy rubs off on the kids and want Maddie is love showing!

  3. Summer so very true!!! The more you relax and enjoy the more she will! And you are so right horses are great and horse people are super as well! If you want me to send you the email with the list I share with parents send me your email address. Or send me one or you can go through my website also at
    I love the picture of her and her beautiful horse!

    1. I'd love the list. Here's my email.