Friday, January 25, 2013

Who this is all about!

Here's Maddie and her sweet boy Indie!  She's the reason for my blog!  Not to brag or anything but I'm one lucky mom.  I can't believe God gave me such a wonderful daughter with so many passions.  Indie is her biggest passion and her very best friend!


  1. WHITE alot of white.... windex works well for whites, and there is another different types that you can use on whites if they get poop on before a class you don't have wash. I would also suggest getting to know ez all or that type of shampoo for the washing! S

    She looks so very happy!!!!

    1. Haha! That is a lot of white! He has a sleezy on 24/7 and I clean twice a day. The mud and dirt isn't bad,its the poop. Yucko! Great advice!

    2. Oh, Indie...I have lots of shampoos left over for Maddie!! And when it's time I will show her what to do.

  2. You can also make a paste of Cornstarch and water