Friday, January 25, 2013

Whats all these schooling shows about?

My first 4h meeting with Maddie is was taking notes on everything I didn't understand.  To say the least I came home with a full page and an evening of google.
Whats the difference between a schooling show and a normal show?  If you were starting out where the first place you'd expose your child to showing?


  1. Sometimes depending on the area schooling shows mean you can use training aids, sometimes you will see or hear more instruction from the sidelines. I think it all depends on the show, show committee and the participants. Some shows are very intense no matter what they are so ask people that have attended the show before. Ask who judges are, what is expected. Your leader or trainer will help you with knowing what is right for your daughter and her horse! And start small so you don't have to show in all the classes let her start with a few and feel it is not too much!

  2. The schooling shows I've gone to have allowed correction of your horse if they are naughty in class, use of training aids, and no dress code other than long sleeves, long pants, and boots. The judges sometimes will give you pointers at the end of class. 4-H or local shows are a great place to start out. Starting out with just a few classes is a really great suggestion. Full day shows are exhausting, especially if you are just beginning. Just remember to smile and have fun!