Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friends along the way

I'd have to say my favorite part of being a horse show mom is the amazing people I get to meet.  When our journey first began we met our first family whom we were going to buy from.  The horse wasn't a good fit, but the people were just wonderful to meet.  The owners of the barn where we board has become one of my daughters biggest fans.  She loves my daughter as much as I do.  The other boarders at the barn have become family.  One lady noticed Maddie was to short to groom her horse and she brought her a step stool to make it easier for her.  The biggest blessing of all has been the lady we lease our Indie from.  Just writing about her now brings tears to my eyes.  She will be a life long friend of our family.  The love she has for our family is just unheard of.  So many people hear about our lease arrangement and want what relationship we have.  She is just amazing.  We spent this evening at the barn with her and the dedication she has to Maddie and to seeing her succeed is beyond anything we could have imagined.  God hand picked her for our family.  We love her dearly!
I have met people online who have taken interest into Maddie whom they have never met.  Some day I'm going to go on a road trip to personally thank every person who has supported Maddie in her show career.  You're all so appreciated.
Now that you have learned about my special people, who are people who have supported you?  Sometimes we don't get the chance to brag about people and how wonderful they are to us.  So brag away and tell those special people how much their support has meant to you.  Post here are just give them a call and tell them, how their being in your life has made you the person you are today!

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