Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Great website to make your own clothing

As many of you can already tell I'm a bargain hunter.  I'm a stay at home mom of two kids whom are both in private school.  I pinch pennies everywhere I can to allow the the opportunity to get a great education.  When Maddie said, hey mom I want to show, the dollar signs started flashing before my eyes.  I was freaking out of the cost of clothing.  So my being the crafty, thrifty mom I am I started looking for ways to save some money on clothing, but still have her look amazing in the ring.  I found the best website for showing clothing patterns and many other horse related items.  Here's a link below.  Also the crystals...eBay folks.  You can get this super cheap.  Fabric no problem use a JoAnn's coupon and your on your way.

Have fun!  Post pictures if you make your own clothing I'd love to praise you for your hard work!


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  1. I have used their pattern for the road silks and also for the lap robe for driving and they were great patterns!