Monday, April 15, 2013

Techniques on how to buy, sell and market your new/used horse tack items

Hello All,
Summer from Horse Showing Mom asked me to write a blog post on some tips and techniques on how to buy, sell, and market your new/used horse tack items.

I started my consignment business on Facebook back in October when our barn owner was cleaning out her tack room and was going to toss out boxes of used horse tack. I looked at her and said simply I bet I could sell that! Well months later I am her go to girl to sell her tack items and now have a few more people sending their tack to me also.  I knew Facebook would be a great place to start because it is a huge market with tons of pages and groups to share my page on. Before I knew it I was getting people buying things and wanting me to sell for them more than I had room for their stuff and I even ran low on boxes to ship with.
Now for the tips to successfully sell items online and Facebook.
I go by the writing less is more ... All you need is the basic info.

1. NEW or USED
2. Size / Measurements
3. Color / Designs
4. Price ( Open to offers or possible trades )
5. State if shipping is included or not in the price ... You don't want to be stating that at time of sale.
6. Condition ... Even a new item might have something wrong with it.

If selling on eBay or Craigslist ( Which I don't use often )
eBay charges a listing fee ... If your item does sell then your out money.
Tips I have found to use eBay are as follows: please pick a price you would buy these items yourself. I do not use the RESERVE option because most often than not people will only bid once and never get past the RESERVE price because they think they never will. I do however put a starting bid near the price I am looking for but not HIGH.. And I use the buy it now tab. Make sure the pictures show everything, don't cut off parts of the item... Make sure the pictures are well lit, and have a good backdrop behind them. I post pictures of all sides but remember eBay will charge you extra for more than 1 picture. ALSO Make sure you describe the item well, and mostly important state in the ad... No shipping out of the US if you're not planning on shipping out of the country, it will not be cheap.. Also if the item is USED make it KNOWN write in the post USED ITEM SOLD AS IS... It might come back to bite you later if you do not.

Craigslist I have found I get more spam email then real people
Craigslist... Make sure you describe the item well, including price, location, how you want to be contacted ( IE; Phone number, email address est. ) I think after 30 days your post gets pulled down so be aware of that also.

One last thing that I feel is the most important !!
Used tack items loose value ... Do not expect to sell something you paid $60 three months ago for $55.. It just won't happen... I pick prices for our page by going to eBay typing in the item then I click the tab completed listings .. This shows you what the items has sold for in the past 30 days ( Maybe longer )
If something cost $60 I usually price it at half that... Or less depending on it's condition...

I hope these tips were helpful, I am not a writer by any means but I think it's a very important for the horse world to know how to sell stuff and maybe make some money at it.

Thank you! Tanya McBurney ~

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