Sunday, April 21, 2013

Giving Andis Clippers away while supporting a passion of mine!

I wrote a post on the Horse Showing Mom facebook page yesterday about how using positive reinforcement as a trainer can make a youth rider excel in their riding abilities.  I received so much feed back to support this way of training.  There was one though that stood out to me.  It opened my mind and heart to a whole new way of applying this idea to riding.  The message was below:

“Horse rehab for cancer patients:

Healing Reins is a national accredited horse-centered therapy program in Central Oregon.

The program helps more than 100 riders a week including those suffering with autism, traumatic brain injuries to even at-risk youth.

Now, add cancer patients.

The High Hopes Cancer Survivor Program started six months ago, through St. Charles-Bend.

The program helps patients who are six months to a year into their recovery.

The program has six riders this term, teaching them the basic level of grooming to riding.

"It's really exciting, because this program can help everybody," said Polly Cohen, Healing Reins program director. "Men, women, young kids -- even older adults can help by being in this program."

The 8-week session costs the program about $240 per rider. But for these riders, it's all free.

It's a way for the program to give back to the community, staff members say -- especially since just about all of us have been affected by someone with cancer.

If you would like to help contribute to the High Hopes program, you can donate by calling Healing Reins at 541-382-9410. Learn more about the programs of Healing Reins at

I was so selfishly thinking about my daughters experience while riding and I never thought about those whose lives are changed every day just by getting on a horse, touching them, caring for them, loving them.

Since I started my blog I have never said 100% I believe in this, but I will say I 100% believe in what these people are doing.  Because I do believe in what they are doing I am dedicating an awesome giveaway to help support them.  Andis sent me some pretty nice cordless clipper.  I will be giving these to one reader who sends a donation to this program.  It doesn’t have to be big.  If you can only do a dollar that’s ok.  For that dollar donation you can not only help make a difference in someone’s life giving them the opportunity to ride like we do, but you are have an opportunity to win the Andis Super AGR+ Professional Rechargeable Animal Clippers with Sensa-Charge. 

Here’s how to be entered to win:

1.)   Send your donation to:

Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center
60575 Billadeau Road, Bend, Oregon 97702

2.)   Either comment on the blog page under comments, email me at or comment on the Horse Showing Mom facebook page.  Just let me know you did it.  (It’s the honors system.  No proof needed)

That’s it.  It’s that simple!

I will be closing the giveaway in one week.  It will run from 4/21/13- 4/28/13.

**I do not know the individuals who run this organization and the person who contacted me is not affiliated with them.  I hope someday they will allow me to spend some time working with them and to give them all hugs thanking them for what they are doing.  Prayers of thanks for the folks at Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center.**


  1. A facebook reader wrote!
    "Thanks for posting this. My dad is in the Shriners Mounted Unit and they take their pony inside Shriners Hospitals in the freight elevator. It is completely beyond words to know the difference this makes for the children battling cancer and many other ailments. Thank you for bringing attention to another organization worthy of our support.

  2. Donation sent! What a great cause!

    1. Shana you are the winner! Can you email me your information