Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Q and A time. Let me find the answers to all your horse questions

My blog has primarily been about my questions, but I bet there are questions out there I haven't even thought about.  So what are your biggest horse questions?  What have you learned recently you know others would benefit from.  No questions are to big or small and remember like we have all been taught no question is a dumb question.

Some examples could be:

What bridle to use for what riding discipline?
How to pick the perfect horse for your needs?
Feeding to get the best from you horse?
Breeding to get a potential winner?
How to save money when spending money on your horse?
Why all the bling when showing?
How to get the biggest bang for your buck when buying a trailer?

You know whats so cool about my blog and reaching out with social media. Myself and all of you have hundreds of thousands of expects at our finger tips who all love their horses and want to see each one of us be our best. These are been there done that people.

What do you want to learn?  I'll take all the questions and dedicate a post to each of them over the next few weeks until we get all your horse questions answered. 


  1. How come the white hair on my Pinto always shed off of her long before the brown hair?

    1. I called a professional groom and they are going to do some research to figure it out. Great question!