Monday, April 1, 2013

How to understand a class schedule

This has stumped me since I've read my first entry form.  So crossing over!  What exactly does that mean.  Using the entry form below, taking into account that my daughter does only walk trot classes, she has a paint horse, won blue only in classes where she was the only one entered and is 10, which classes can she enter.


  1. No cross entry means that the walk-trotters cannot cross enter into the walk-trot-lope classes. That way it keeps the skill levels the same. If the riders that can lope comfortably also entered the walk-trot classes, they would be at a huge advantage over just the walk-trotters ..... so no cross entry keeps everyone on a similar playing field. Also, you would need to check with the show mgmt to see if the novice rider or novice horse classes are walk-trot; it doesn't specify, so she might be eligible for those, unfortunately.

  2. Thank you Connie Evans! Its pretty confusing!

  3. Hi there!

    I just stumbled across your blog. I haven't got to read the whole thing yet and there are a few questions before I can fully answer this class list question.

    I see that in the pic she is in a huntseat saddle so I assume she does english.
    For the english session she can go into..

    11 English Walk-Trot 10 & Under
    16 English Walk-Trot Novice Rider
    18 English Walk-Trot Colored Horse
    28 English Equitation Walk-Trot 10
    & Under

    11 is a given. 16 is a hard one to know if you qualify. How many blue ribbons has she won? You may want to ask the show secretary if they would consider them to count as she was the only one in the classes. I wouldn't count them in any of the shows I have put on.

    Make sure you stress to your daughter that in class 28 she really has to sit up and look her best because it is completely her that is being judged and not her and the horse. More depends on how she looks and if she has the correct diagonal.

    If she also rides western you can also enter her in these classes.

    34 Western Walk-Trot 10 & Under
    39 Western Walk-Trot Novice Rider
    41 Western Walk-Trot Colored Horse
    43 Western Equitation Walk-Trot 10 &

    Hope this helps! I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.

    1. Very helpful!! Thank you for replying. She has only rode english in one show. We're still working on it. she is wonderful at western!

  4. Here's the response I got from show management. So, so helpful!

    Tried to respond to your post...didn't work. Here's my response...
    OK, will try to respond and post a third time...obviously not doing well here.
    I'm the show secretary for the show above that you have posted...

    No cross entry means that if you do 10 and under then you cannot do 13 and under also. In OFEA, if you do 10 and under then it's only walk trot, no canter classes.
    For English she can do:
    11, 15 (I don't know about your horse...if it's not been in shows, is green, hasn't won blues previously with other owners, then could do this), 16 (I wouldn't consider a blue if she was the only one in the class), 17 or 18, 19, and 28
    For Western she can do:
    34, 38-39 (see above), 40 or 41, 42, 43
    Showmanship-class 6 can be done in English attire or western attire.

    It's a fun group...shows are family oriented. Let me know if you have any further questions. Hope to see you there.