Monday, February 4, 2013

Finding the right fit

While most were watching the Super Bowl I spent the day doing everything horsey.  We hit the Wilco sale, had a 4h meeting and then spent the rest of the afternoon evening helping a friend find the perfect horse for her 9 year old daughter.

My poor friend.  She has spent months and months looking for a horse for her daughter.  Its becoming a full time job.  My heart aches every time shes goes to see a horse and comes back finding it was nothing like the person stated.

I know finding the right fit can be a long process.   I went through this with my own daughter and was lucky enough to find a horse to lease that was beyond perfect. But my poor friend just hasn't been as lucky. 

I really want to see her find a horse for her daughter.  So here my cry for help to all my readers.  The list below is what we need.  Please, please don't send her out to look at something that won't work.

-Very, very green rider
-Broke, broke horse
-Proven show history (not just halter as a baby)
-Safe for all ages
-Can be stalled
-Can just be a horse and go trail riding
-Under $4,000.00
-Under 20 years old
-Gelding (maybe mare if shes a good mare, no kick, no bite, good in season)

I look at this list and you'd think it would be easy to find.  But believe it or not it has been a really challenge to find this horse.

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