Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two days before the first show

Maddie's first show is in two days. I started thinking of all the things we need to get done.  I'm feeling very overwhelmed.  And to think this is just schooling show.  Wait until she has a big show.  So here's my to do check list and things to get together.

-Give Indie a bath
-Clean him up with the clippers
-Get Maddie's tack all together
-Charge camera batteries
-Get extra memory cards in bag
-Put some snack together
-Med's in case Maddie gets a head ache (happens a lot)
-Water buckets
-Grain buckets
-Hay net
-Hay and grain (leaving at 5:30 and he won't eat breakfast)
-Tool kit (in case something breaks)
-Extra clothes
-A blanket (might be cold)
-Cash (if they won't take a card)
-Phone charger (dies way to fast)
-Fuel the truck

I can't think of anything else.  Does anyone have anything they can suggest?  This is our first show and I have no idea what we need to take.

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  1. I have an excel spreadsheet that I use for every show. It is pretty detailed but I normally have 2-3 horses showing with myself and my husband and kid handling them. So it helps keep me organized. I can send it to you if you are interested, just need an email.