Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maintain your health during show season

I had an amazing weekend supporting and cheering Maddie on, but the end result of the over the top mommy has been an over the top flu bug I can't shake.  I know this was the first weekend of many to come where we get no sleep and are out in the cold.

What's your tricks for staying healthy while juggling a hectic show schedule? 

This mommy wears out quick and if one schooling show did me in I need to come up with a plan quick before show season really hits us.


  1. Lots of oranges, good proteins leading up to the show, a good CAL-MAG-ZINC-D tablets that keep your levels up. Plenty of fluids and relax and don't get too wired up. That saps the strength and lowers the immune system worse than anything. If you do caffine then use that as a hot drink, but be prepared with a couple of thermos of hot chocolate, tea, or soup to help stay warm and invest in good warm clothes and shoes.

    1. Thank you for the advice. Our next show we are staying there for 3 days and its going to be so much easier to eat well and get plenty of rest.