Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wilco Farm Show Days are here

Wilco Farm Show Days are going on right now until the end of Feb.  What an awesome time to stock up on some much needed feed, tack, clothing and other misc horse items.

I'm headed out this morning with my list in hand.  Who can beat a $5.00 bucket or Strategy feed for $16.00 a bag.  I'm also armed with my 40% off coupon ready to jump at the first thing I see. 

Week three is going to bring Maddie some new show jeans.  Buy one get one!  What a great deal!

Whats on your sale list this month?  Are there deals that aren't posted you'd like to share with everyone?

If you don't get the ad here's a link to their website to see all the great deals happening this week.

Happy bargain hunting!

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