Thursday, October 3, 2013


Horse Showing Mom has teamed up with Uniquely Different Tail Extensions and we are giving away two $20.00 gift certificate towards any item you choose from their website.

Here's the details on how to get a chance at this giveaway:
Youth rider giveaway:
Write me a quick comment on my facebook page (link is below) about your youth rider and I'll let my youth rider, Maddie, chose one person from the comments to give the gift certificate to. You have until Monday Oct. 7th at 8:00 PST to write your comment. (A youth ride can be anyone college age to birth!)
Adult rider giveaway:
Share Horse Showing Mom Blog facebook page and write a comment about how your horse has given you the ability to fulfill your passion for riding.
I will pick one winner Oct. 7th at 8:00 PST. 
Here's the link to my facebook page:
Head over to Uniquely Different Tail Extensions website and see what's on your wish list.  She has many products from tails to sleazy's.
You can also like her facebook page to get all the latest deals!

**Maddie's new tail..Looks amazing and matches perfect!
 **A few examples of her work.  Quality, quality, quality!
**She also makes custom hoods, body sleazy's and tail bags.


  1. Adult Rider: Shared. Also added: A great giveaway for all Equine happy trotters. My horses (RIP and present) have inspired me to continue learning, educating and ever so growing. I cherish each memory (the fun and the not so fun) moments. Each moment taught me a lesson, not just in ownership, but in life.

    1. Oh I love hear this first thing when I open my computer. Isn't it amazing how our horses can touch our lives. Last December we had to put my first real horse down. She was 28 and we had her since a baby. I think that was almost worse than losing a grandparent. The bond is just unbreakable!

    2. I am sorry for your loss. It is hard and I will share such emotion when the day comes I will have to put down my first horse as well. I had her since she was 5 and she will be 23 in April. Been to 'you know what' and back with her from first hospital stay due to her rearing on top of me to the moments I am laying on her back gazing at the stars as she grazes. I do agree, it is unbreakable.

  2. Adult Rider: Shared. My childhood dream of being a rider was never something that worked out, and as a college student into adult life I was able to finally start working on that dream. It wasn't until finding my horse almost by accident that I was able to form a bond with my horse and really put the pieces together to show and feel successful. Now I can't imagine my life without horses, especially my old man who has taken me from the tiny jumps all the way to the adult Equitation and Hunter show ring, something I never thought possible with such a late start in my riding career! He's also taught me so much about connecting with my horse in a non-riding capacity and how fun and satisfying it could be just spending a few hours grooming and working on the ground.