Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pinto Spooktacular is one week away

We are one week from Maddie's first show on her new horse.  I can honestly say I'm a little nervous.  He's such a good boy, but a long ways from being 100% finished.  He's a walk/trot rock star and since that's all she does they should do great.
I can say since she has started riding her new horse her horsemanship skills are way above anything I could have imagined for her for such a green horse

She has followed her trainers lead and they are making a pretty fantastic team.
As soon as the show is over I'll post pictures of Maddie and her new baby.  She wants me to keep it a secret until after the show.  So lips are zipped, but man has it been hard!
If your at the Spooktacular Pinto Show in Albany, Oregon next weekend come say hi and give my baby girl a big hoop and holler when you see her in the ring!

Happy showing,
Horse Showing Mom

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