Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What you can do to help your vet

I was going through facebook forums like I normally do and found a article I had to share. 

I have always been blessed with horses which were very good for the vet, but I'm guessing not all horses are like mine.  I never thought about how difficult it would be for the vet to effectively exam your horse if they are not  properly exposed to a few simple every days things.

-How is you vet supposed to look in your horses mouth with a light if your horse has never been exposed to a light??

-How can your vet give a shot if your horse kills everyone within 100ft with a syringe??

-If you your horse has colic and the vet can go no where near his back end, how can he help your animal??

-If your horse can't lead or tie, well that's an easy one!!

Trust me this article by Erica Franz over at Equestrian Blog is worth the read and your vet will thank you for it!!

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