Saturday, August 10, 2013

Improve your fitness level while bonding with your horse

I don't know about you but I think all I do at horse shows is sit and eat when I'm not getting Maddie ready to show.  I even find myself snacking when watching her ride at home. This horse showing mom needs to get healthy again.  I've written before about how to exercise while riding and had found a great article with awesome tips.  Today when doing some more research on the topic I found a wonderful article about how to exercise with your horse on the ground.  Not only did I find these simple exercises to be effective, but also its a great way to connect with your horse on the ground. 

Paul Dufresne give detailed instruction from stretching to jogging.  The bonus is all this is done while spending time with your horse on the ground.  Your developing fitness and bonding with you horse at the same time. 

Because Maddie is the primary rider in our household right now I don't ride all that much.  Only a few times a week just to keep Indie tuned up.  I can honestly say when I'm done I'm really starting to feel my age.  These exercises will help to the stretch before I ride and help prevent injury from not being as in shape as I was years ago riding.

To read the full article and get great tips from Paul Dufresne go to

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  1. I have very often walked laps around the arena while my daughter was riding. Especially in the winter. I'm close at hand to supervise when needed but am able to get in a little exercise as well. I had actually thought about finding a used exercise bike to park in the corner to use too...